Research and development in technology and the elderly

Ideable participates in several consortia in the AAL programme, focused on the promotion of new technologies to improve elderly care.

In this respect, it is currently a zocaalo partner, focused on creating a marketplace for certified apps for the elderly and PETAL, which targets patients with the first symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s, through an intelligent platform that monitors user behaviour and remotely controls their lighting systems.

Horizon 2020

Ideable is also an active partner in H2020 consortia and has even secured solo support within the European Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme.

Horizon-2020 SME
FICHe Fiware

Ideable was even the winner when participating in European eHealh accelerators, as was the case with its participation in the Fiware FICHe accelerator.

Other research and development programs in technology and the elderly

Ideable is also present in other European programmes such as Eurostars and is a very active member of aging and technology focused consortia in SPRI-Basque Government Hazitek innovation programmes.

It is also present at numerous international events, both in Europe and worldwide, even organising its first annual event on Aging.

Aging Bilbao