New technology for the elderly care sector

     February 20, 2014
    By Javier Garcia

    When we discuss new technology for the elderly care sector on our blog, we frequently focus on the possibilities offered by telecare, telemedicine or telemonitoring systems, perhaps because of how important the development of the plataform ‘Kwido‘ is in our day-to-day activities. Whilst these developments already form part of the current elderly care sector and, without a doubt, will serve to guarantee its future, companies and care professionals have several more allies to choose from for this purpose.

    Both the elderly and dependency care sectors face the challenge of a future with a growing aging population, coupled with more limited resources, meaning that efficiency will become imperative. What is more, with stiffer competition, it will become increasingly necessary to find innovative solutions to ensure people the maximum quality of life.

    In this context, Ideable and Kwido also wish to support companies committed to the health and welfare of their clients, offering both web and mobile customized solutions, serving to improve internal management and client relations. At Kwido we are experts in technology and we also know the elderly care sector, which is why we are able to offer both visions in order to give the best service to these companies.

    In recent times, prospective clients, both family and professionals, have started to use the Internet and new technologies intensively to search online for companies dedicated to the elderly care sector. Having a good website and an active presence on social networks has become an effective way to reach potential clients and impart information that might be of interest to them, thus strengthening brand image. Therefore, Kwido offers technological solutions for this purpose, including the development of carefully designed websites, well positioned on the web, with presence on social networks, and collaborating with our clients to develop a digital strategy specializing in the health and elderly care world, as well as its ongoing regeneration.

    In today’s business world, only those who are creative and technologically up-to-date will survive. At Kwido we are committed to this very demand within the elderly care sector. Contact us to find out more.