Kwido: The evolution of Eldersarea

     September 24, 2013

    As we announced lately, we have been working on some developments that make the platform a more complete and useful tool for our seniors, thanks to suggestions from health and elderly care professionals and the users themselves.

    Given the significant evolution of the project, with the participation of professionals from different countries, more substantial visible changes have been made: a new image and, of course, a new name.

    Thus, what was once called Eldersarea will be known as Kwido from now on: a new look for a product that goes beyond its predecessor.

    Kwido is a platform for elderly welfare and care, developed to facilitate the job of professionals, empower patients and encourage the autonomy of our seniors.

    The new platform Kwido, built on the foundations of Eldersarea, is the next-generation of telecare, which can reduce hospital admissions, save time for professionals, offer a high quality service and reduce costs.

    Making life easy, Kwido allows you to:

    • Monitor health parameters remotely and create alerts for unusual values.
    • Maintain direct contact anytime with videoconferencing.
    • Create alerts and reminders to take medication.
    • Share pictures, videos, games and music easily.

    Kwido is setting off… will you join us?