Kwido at the Gerontological Athenaeum

     November 4, 2013
    By Javier Garcia

    The coming 12th November the fifth Gerontological Athenaeum will be held, a forum for the debate and analysis of elderly care.

    The event, organized by the specialist newspaper EntreMayores, will be held in Valladolid (in the Health Council assembly hall, 1 Paseo de Zorrilla) and will include the participation of renowned professionals and experts from diverse fields, such as science, culture, knowledge and technology; all of whom will focus on the wellbeing of the elderly. Once again, Iñaki Bartolomé will be amongst the participants, providing his vision as CEO of Kwido, the telecare platform for the elderly used via tablet.

    The programme entitled “Quality, technology and sustainability”, will provide visitors with an innovative vision of the future of elderly care, with debates focused on enabling the elderly to stay in their own surroundings thanks to technological advances such as Kwido, not forgetting the importance of culture and leisure in the improvement of wellbeing.

    The creators of the Gerontological Athenaeum aim to generate a space for debate and reflection in order to outline strategies in the field of aging and quality of life. In doing so, they call upon both speakers and visitors to participate from technical, business, political and scientific perspectives, thus creating an undoubtedly interesting day.

    We invite you to sign up to the following link and look forward to seeing you at the following session, where we’ll be making our contribution:

    18:10 – 19:10; V Round Table – Colloquial.

    New technologies for care and management. Assisting with normative frameworks and improved techniques. Presented by Mrs. Milagros Carvajal Gil from the Castile and Leon Alzheimer Foundation, accompanied by the following speakers:

    • Mr. Pablo Gómez. Managing director of the Intras Foundation.
    • Mr. Diego Juez Cuesta. President of the Castile and Leon Federation of elderly care homes, ACALERTE.
    • Mr. Iñaki Bartolomé Martín. CEO of Kwido and co-founder of Ideable Solutions.