Kwido to take part in the AAL Forum 2013

     September 25, 2013
    By Javier Garcia

    Although we have been working towards it for some time, this week our platform for elderly care has taken a definitive step up to the international level. 

    Whilst on Monday we presented Kwido at the World Medicine 2.0 Congress in London, this time we will be in Norrköping (Sweden) to participate in the AAL Forum 2013, a European event which aims to present and launch active ageing support projects from different areas.

    At the AAL Forum the debate will focus on the possibilities that exist to improve the quality of  life of the elderly, in terms of their personal independence, public policies, their role in society or even economic aspects. Along these lines, Kwido offers an innovative alternative which favours what the event organizers describe as “their ability to choose how to they spend their days and live their lives”.

    Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO of Ideable Solutions, will participate in the B-4 “Living Labs” session, from 2pm to 3:30pm on Thursday 26th September, in order to speak about the trials conducted with Kwido amongst users, clearly demonstrating its usefulness and manageability for both elderly users and those who look after their health and welfare. The speech will take place within one of the most interesting sessions at this international meeting, which aims to promote the reinforcement of the healthcare industry based on productivity, innovation and quality; with the ultimate objective of improving people’s quality of life.

    Se dig i Sverige!

    See you in Sweden! 😉