Ideable presents Kwido to the Chinese delegation in Bilbao

 December 14, 2015
By Lorena

An institutional government delegation from the Chinese city of Zhoushan visited Bilbao during the first week of November with the aim of discovering Bilbao’s experience in areas related to healthcare and the quality of life of its elderly population.

The delegation, made up of four representatives from Zhoushan’s City Council and the vice president of the city’s Maternal, Child and Rehabilitation Hospital, focused their visit on finding out about Bilbao’s experience in dealing with health, medical care and rehabilitation.

The schedule planned by Bilbao City Council included a visit to the offices of Bilbao Ekintza, where a meeting with the CEO of Ideable Solutions, Iñaki Bartolomé, took place. He presented Kwido, our multidevice platform for elderly care.

Zhoushan is one of 11 cities in Zhejiang, the only one made up of islands and with more than 1 million inhabitants. This city has a strong industrial sector and is undergoing rapid development. With average life expectancy in the province of 74 for men and 88 for women, the Chinese delegation we met were looking for innovative companies with products and services designed to make life easier for elderly people.

For that reason, Bilbao Ekintza and Bilbao City Council thought of us and Kwido, and so we were able to share our experience with the Chinese delegation, focusing on the use of new technologies which allow carers, teleassistence companies, day care centres, residential care homes and even health services to provide more effective care to the elderly and even monitor them and allow them to become more autonomous patients.

Ideable presents Kwido to the Chinese delegation in Bilbao

Our experience with our clients has proved that new technologies, if they are sufficiently accessible, are very motivating for the elderly and, furthermore, that they allow greatly improved care and medical attention to be given, even in their homes: teleconsulting, telemedicine, telemonitoring, etc. We are able to deal with emergencies more swiftly and cut care costs whilst ensuring they are always well cared for.

We were able to show the Zhoushan delegation that it is possible to reduce costs in elderly care, even for those who cannot attend a health centre, allowing people to be monitored in their homes and offering doctors the chance to hold the consultation from their actual workplace, without the patient noticing a drop in the quality of care, reducing costs and improving prevention.

At Ideable Solutions we were honoured to be chosen, together with SSI and Gerokon, as representatives of Bilbao’s strategic sector of Tourism, Health and Quality of Life. We hope that this meeting will enable us to build bridges for future collaboration with China.

The visit fits firmly within the strategy of internationalization for Ideable Kwido, for which we already have partners in Switzerland, the UK and Colombia and are currently negotiating with possible representatives in Mexico, Ecuador and Bolivia.