Telecare platform, home elderly care and remote health monitoring
monitorización salud mayores kwido
Patient monitoring

Mobile or tablet application where professionals at patients’ homes or nursing homes can quickly include daily health data of all their elderly patients, even connecting with wireless devices.

Comprehensive system for allocating health variables to be measured for each patient, with customised alerts and full schedule of tasks for each centre and each professional.

Alerts even for cases of no data information.

All in an accessible, secure and validated system that is already on the market.

It even works in environments with loss of connectivity.

Advanced telecare

Kwido allows telecare companies to improve emergency prevention and care through fast, effective and customised management, increasing the quality of care and offering reliability and peace of mind.

All this with a high added-value service that reduces the workload of your professionals by automating tasks through Kwido.

Home care

Our technology allows you to offer an innovative solution that provides simpler and faster tracking, improving the quality-time ratio.

By making use of tablets or mobile phones for your workers, Kwido makes it possible to reduce the number of tasks carried out in the home and to add services of greater added value, such as health monitoring or cognitive stimulation.

Comprehensive, professional platform

Kwido includes functionalities for the web management of professionals, a mobile application for caregivers and patients and even a tablet application for elderly people who have never used new technologies.

And all this in a system that meets quality, security, privacy and accessibility standards. 

Moreover, it comes in a “white label” model that offers the possibility of basing it on a stable and successful platform, only using those functionalities that are needed: health monitoring, medication control, videoconference use, schedule, medical information sharing, purchasing services by mobile, etc.

This means Kwido can be the basis of a product for clinics, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical world, etc. without having to develop health telemonitoring from scratch.

Everything, with even the name, styles and own brand separate from Kwido