Get to know Kwido at the 4th National CENTAC Congress

     October 14, 2013
    By Javier Garcia

    This week, the 4th National CENTAC Congress for Accessibility Technology will be held on the 17th and 18th October in Toledo’s “El Greco” Congress Centre, an event that can’t be missed by anyone interested in the social aspect of information and communication technology.

    The National Centre for Accessibility Technology, a joint initiative with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality; aspires to improve the lives of the disabled and elderly, as well as their families and carers, by promoting social inclusion through the use of ICTs. This event seeks to honour this mission with a programme which includes presentations based on the experience and most extensive knowledge of a broad range of professionals, which will, without a doubt, enrich the conclusions, ideas and projects of all those present.

    Likewise, the Congress will feature workshops, where attendees can test the usefulness of different tools with demonstrations and presentations of new products such as Kwido. To be more specific, Iñaki Bartolomé will carry out a demonstration of Kwido’s proposal on the 17th October to improve the elderly’s quality of life through accessible technology. Along these lines, those keen to increase the efficiency of their tele-assistance systems, to offer maximum service quality and improve the level of contact with their patients, will be able to observe the virtues of this platform first-hand.

    We look forward to seeing you in Toledo and would like to conclude by echoing the appeal made by the organizers, so that you may attend and participate actively in this free event:

    Ideas can change the world if they are shared, and the technological revolution of the last decade makes it easier than ever. If you have something to say, an opinion to give or a question to ask about ICTs and accessibility, we want it to be known. Our Facebook page and Twitter account are at your disposal, simply using #4congresocentac. Don’t stay silent.