Autonomous platform for cognitive stimulation for elderly people
Autonomous platform

The most autonomous platform available, even for the home.

The system is designed to be used both on tablets at home and by professionals who come to perform care tasks.

And through games and an initial questionnaire it is able to analyse the initial cognitive level of the person, automatically assign a complete training plan adjusted to the elderly person and analyse possible cognitive impairments from that moment on.

It even provides information on self-perception of the game and possible changes of emotional state.

Works multiple capacities

With our cognitive stimulation platform, your organisation’s psychologists and therapists will be able to complement the exercises up until now performed on paper or boards in a way that is more stimulating for elderly people, with enormous reductions in the costs of preparing these therapies.

The platform provides thousands of ready-to-use games according to the cognitive level of each user in sessions in which work on a range of abilities.

  • Attention
  • Calculation
  • Executive functions
  • Language
  • Memory
  • Orientation
Real-time results

As users play, psychologists and therapists will have real time information about: evolution of the general cognitive index, emotional state, self-evaluation etc.

Progress can be measured by comparing them with other members, not just with themselves.

This work methodology has been designed and tested by expert psychologists, gerontologists and therapists and also offers the advantage of presenting all the information in a very simple way which can easily be shared with their families.

This automatic data exploitation saves professionals at centres a great deal of time in analysing the results.

Fully customisable

Although the platform has many activities, adapted to the different cognitive levels of users, professionals and therapists can create their own games using the tools that Kwido offers them.

This allows them to create their own games, using their own resources, and to use them with their customers.

In this way, training plans can be fully customised, and may even include photos of the patient’s family and geographic environment.

Moreover, the training plan is fully customizable and adjustable to different types of users at all times.

  • Healthy people.
  • With age-related memory loss
  • With slight cognitive impairment.
  • With moderate cognitive impairment.

It’s multi-platform scope (tablet, PC, iPad, touch screen, digital whiteboards, etc.) offers the versatility that it can be used on any of the organisation’s touch equipment.

Furthermore, it is not necessary for users to be at the centre. They can log on from their homes from a conventional tablet and follow our therapies from home, at weekends or on holidays, without needing to overload our professionals with work.

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