Kwido is for

Telecare and elderly care companies

Add new value-added services to your offer by reducing costs

Health insurers and services

Use the Kwido platform to monitor your customers’ health

Day centres and homes

Promote cognitive stimulation and motivation inside and outside the centre
Monitoring health
  • Monitoring chronic diseases through tablets, mobiles, devices, etc.
  • Select which health parameters you want to receive for each of your users.
  • Define the limits for measurements and receive alerts when these measurements stray beyond the defined range.
  • Makes it possible to reduce hospital admissions
Cognitive stimulation
  • Complete platform for cognitive stimulation designed by and for psychologists and geriatricians.
  • Makes it possible to play on multiple devices (tablet, PC, iPad, touch screen, etc.) both at home and in centres and to work on different abilities on personalised training plans.
Cognitive stimulation
  • Multi-device web and mobile platform that has a mobile application or tablet for your patients, even if they are elderly people or dependents who have had no previous contact with new technologies.
  • Accessible design that allows professionals and caregivers to interact with patients and even with elderly people.
Customizable platform

Kwido offers a white label model so that you can have the features you need, request new ones and integrate them with other systems to offer the best service to your customers.

Customisable platform
Multi-device video calling
Multi-device video calling
  • Introduce online video calling on mobile phones, websites, tablets, etc. even at patients’ homes.
  • Multi-browser, multi-device and completely white-label solutions
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As a business that supports care professionals to leverage the benefits of developments in assisted living technology for their clients, tablet based solutions are a vital part of our future care delivery ecosystem. Kwido adds a another dimension to the way care can be organised and delivered. It empowers the care recipient, family and professional care giver.
Kamal Thangarajah, Practicelite
As professional who are experts in caregiving, Kwido gives us a new and innovative way to interact among carers and end users. It’s a very easy-to-use tool for them to give us a lot of health and medication information and, above all, it’s very stimulating for them to contact us and their relatives by a simple tablet. We give a better and cheaper care and they enjoy it.
José Luis Buenache, Siena Coop.