Ideable presents Kwido to the Chinese delegation in Bilbao

December 14, 2015

An institutional government delegation from the Chinese city of Zhoushan visited Bilbao during the first week of November with the aim of discovering Bilbao’s experience in areas related to healthcare and the quality of life of its elderly population.

The delegation, made up of four representatives from Zhoushan’s City Council and the vice president of the city’s Maternal, Child and Rehabilitation Hospital, focused their visit on finding out about Bilbao’s experience in dealing with health, medical care and rehabilitation.

The schedule planned by Bilbao City Council included a visit to the offices of Bilbao Ekintza, where a meeting with the CEO of Ideable Solutions, Iñaki Bartolomé, took place. He presented Kwido, our multidevice platform for elderly care.

Zhoushan is one of 11 cities in Zhejiang, the only one made up of islands and with more than 1 million inhabitants. This city has a strong industrial sector and is undergoing rapid development. With average life expectancy in the province of 74 for men and 88 for women, the Chinese delegation we met were looking for innovative companies with products and services designed to make life easier for elderly people.

For that reason, Bilbao Ekintza and Bilbao City Council thought of us and Kwido, and so we were able to share our experience with the Chinese delegation, focusing on the use of new technologies which allow carers, teleassistence companies, day care centres, residential care homes and even health services to provide more effective care to the elderly and even monitor them and allow them to become more autonomous patients.

Ideable presents Kwido to the Chinese delegation in Bilbao

Our experience with our clients has proved that new technologies, if they are sufficiently accessible, are very motivating for the elderly and, furthermore, that they allow greatly improved care and medical attention to be given, even in their homes: teleconsulting, telemedicine, telemonitoring, etc. We are able to deal with emergencies more swiftly and cut care costs whilst ensuring they are always well cared for.

We were able to show the Zhoushan delegation that it is possible to reduce costs in elderly care, even for those who cannot attend a health centre, allowing people to be monitored in their homes and offering doctors the chance to hold the consultation from their actual workplace, without the patient noticing a drop in the quality of care, reducing costs and improving prevention.

At Ideable Solutions we were honoured to be chosen, together with SSI and Gerokon, as representatives of Bilbao’s strategic sector of Tourism, Health and Quality of Life. We hope that this meeting will enable us to build bridges for future collaboration with China.

The visit fits firmly within the strategy of internationalization for Ideable Kwido, for which we already have partners in Switzerland, the UK and Colombia and are currently negotiating with possible representatives in Mexico, Ecuador and Bolivia.


Kwido arrives in Colombia and the UK

October 14, 2015

Kwido, the multi-device platform for the care of patients, the elderly and dependents, has commenced its entry into the Latin and Anglo-Saxon markets alongside new partners.

This business opportunity will enhance the internationalization of Kwido and all its modules, in areas such as health monitoring, teleconsulting or cognitive stimulation.

Colombia, one of the countries with greatest economic stability in the region, will be the gateway and bridge to access other markets in the region, having a privileged strategic location in the middle of the main commercial and financial centres in the hemisphere.

This has allowed Colombia to become a regional distribution hub for outsourcing services and IT and Software Services. According to the IDC, between 2003 and 2014 the software & IT market in Colombia increased to five times its size, making the IT sector in Colombia the fourth most important in the region.

In addition, it is expected to be the bridge to other Latin American markets like Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and even Miami.

Kwido has entered the Colombian market through associated companies and strategic partners. We have had the help here of our partner in Colombia, Digitalsmark, and our main customer, HubSalud, who will use our teleconsulting solution integrated into its health system in the cloud, for health monitoring and direct video consulting from mobile apps.

In terms of demand for IT services, the health sector is one of the most dynamic in Colombia, with continued expansion due to the growing population demand (47 million), which increasingly needs a backup service in areas of tracking patients and consolidation of information.(Data Entry)

Meanwhile, the UK, along with Germany and France, account for 40% of the European eHealth market linked to care of the elderly.

The UK is currently the market leader, so we considered it essential to have a partner there. That’s why we’ve signed an agreement with PracticeLite, providing us with the first English customers, establishing Kwido to start with in a home care and remote health monitoring company, Myfihome in Swansea. The establishment of Mementia, cognitive stimulation, has also begun in day centres in Jersey.

For this integration we have translated Kwido into English, including Mementia, the cognitive stimulation platform and all its activities.

These partners, both in Colombia and the UK, have rated Kwido’s great degree of flexibility very highly, as well its functionalities, its high capacity for integration with other solutions and our reliable experience.

According to our ambitious internationalization plan for the Kwido platform, these new launches in both Colombia and the UK will influence the future development of the company in a decisive way, besides representing a gateway to new markets.


Kwido: winner of the European eHealth accelerator FICHe

September 29, 2015

At Ideable we have reason to celebrate; Kwido, our multidevice teleassistance platform for care of the elderly and dependents, has been announced as the winner of the European FICHe project, thereby positioning Ideable as one of the 20 most important eHealth startups on the continent.

The European FICHe project (Future Internet Challenge eHealth) aims to accelerate SMEs and startups from all over Europe that are developing innovative applications in the eHealth sector using FIWARE technology.

From the 300 European eHealth companies that took up the FICHe challenge, an External Independent Revision Committee (EIRC) selected 80 to enter the first phase, the 40 best proposals for the second phase and finally, following a pitch in Amsterdam to a top-class European panel, we were picked as one of the 20 best European startups.

This means Kwido has been recognised as one of the most promising and innovative projects in the whole of Europe, rewarding our technical excellence, the eHealth solution we offer and the team that makes up Ideable. This shows that all our efforts have been worthwhile, as well as the journey and milestones we have already achieved with Kwido in Spain and Europe.

Kwido ganador FICHe con los organizadores

FICHe is headed by the University of Oulu (Finland), a world leader in eHealth research, which coordinates a consortium of bodies from the Netherlands, Finland and Spain, including the Health Service of Murcia, FFIS and TICBioMed.

All the prize-winning SMEs were awarded financing (€ 217,000 for each of the 20 selected entries), business and technological mentoring and support from the European FIWARE platform.

The FIWARE platform brings together a set of simple but powerful APIs that allow Intelligent Applications to be developed in various vertical sectors. What’s more, the specifications of these APIs are public and royalty-free.

We are including FIWARE in Kwido in order to develop a more scalable and expandable platform. We want to analyse all health monitoring using Big Data techniques and architecture and to integrate our platform with new sensors and existing wearables (IOT).

Our end goal is for our mobile application to gain even greater presence on our platform to care for the elderly and dependents and to consolidate the usefulness of teleconsulting.

In addition, the 20 winning companies will have the chance to test their applications in real environments (Living Labs)in 3 European countries: Finland, the Netherlands and Spain.

We are extremely happy; the journey has been tough, but we can now roundly assert that Kwido is a winning product in Europe.

Many thanks to all our customers and those who have supported us along the way; let’s work together so we can continue being winners!!!


Ideable health app selected for Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2015

May 13, 2015

The Mobile World Congress 2015 was the venue for the launch of the new Click Doctors health app, an application developed by Ideable for the company Llar i Salut and based on Kwido technology.

Click Doctors is a revolutionary mobile application that makes personal health management much easier. Innovation brings together health and people management through continuous support between physicians and patients.

Thanks to the Click Doctors mobile app, it is possible to monitor your own or a family member’s health, as well as to directly access services from accredited medical professionals and pharmacies. These services allow:

  • Monitoring. Users’ health is monitored by a medical team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and includes a warning service that alerts the user when assigned limits have been surpassed.
  • Personalized pharmaceutical service. A team of pharmacists will prepare and organise users’ medication as prescribed to ensure correct dosage and administration of medicines.
  • On going pharmaceutical support. Contact telephone number available to resolve any questions that arise regarding a user’s medication.
  • Face-to-face care. A multi-disciplinary medical team to care for a patient in their own home can be accessed using the same application.
  • Videoconferencing with a medical professional. Users can get in touch with Click Doctors’ physicians at any time via the videoconferencing system, allowing them to make personal enquiries.

    app Click Doctors


    All these services can be accessed online from the user’s mobile at a really affordable price. Click Doctors is the best investment to bring carers peace of mind in the monitoring and follow-up of chronic conditions and the elderly, achieving strong adherence to pharmacological treatments.

    This revolutionary access to health services using a mobile app was rewarded with the confidence shown by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation, who included Click Doctors among the world leaders in mobile apps presented at MWC 2015. This event, the most important for mobile communications worldwide, once again transformed Barcelona into the technological centre of the world from 2-5 March 2015.

    This was a great milestone for Ideable and our Kwido platform as well as recognition of our dedicated work in mobile health over the last few years. It also represents an unbeatable launch for Click Doctors app.


    Ideable is one of the leading European eHealth companies, according to European programme FICHe

    Kwido, our multidevice telecare platform to care for the elderly and dependents has been selected to go through to Phase 2 of the European FICHe accelerator programme.

    The aim of the European programme FICHe (Future Internet Challenge eHealth) is to accelerate European SMEs and start-ups which are developing innovative applications in the field of eHealth using FIWARE technology.

    The idea behind FICHe is that only the most promising and innovative proposals in the whole of Europe which meet the programme’s requirements are selected by the External Independent Review Committee (EIRC) to continue in the accelerator programme.

    From more than 300 European eHealth companies that took up the FICHe challenge, 80 went through to the first phase and only the 40 most competent proposals have been selected as finalists of the acceleration programme.

    The selection criteria are based on technical excellence, the eHealth solution itself and the team. Gaining this recognition is proof of everything we have achieved thanks to the hard work of the whole team at Ideable Solutions, and the progress and milestones already achieved by Kwido in the Spanish and European markets.

    The FIWARE platform brings together a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which are simple yet powerful and which enable Intelligent Applications to be developed in various vertical sectors. What’s more, these API specifications are public and royalty-free.

    We are working on including FIWARE in Kwido with the aim of implementing a more scalable and expandable platform. We also wish to analyse all monitoring data using Big Data techniques and architecture and to integrate the platform with new sensors and existing wearables (IoT). Furthermore, our aim is for the mobile application to have even more presence on our platform for the care of the elderly and dependents.

    In short, the FIWARE platform is simplifying complex processes and accelerating Kwido’s development.

    As part of this phase of FICHe, we are honoured to have the chance to present Kwido to the members of the European Commission at the annual eHealth forum, which takes place from 11-13 May in Riga, Latvia.

    Stay tuned for further updates!

    eHealth Week 2015 FICHe