Who is Kwido for?

Telecare companies

Reduce costs while giving better care to elderly people at home.

Nursing homes

A differentiated and quality service to both elderly people and relatives.

Health Services

Keep in contact with patients and monitor their health, enabling you to reduce visits to medical centres.


Discover a new way of monitoring and keeping in touch with your patients and loved ones using new technologies.


Stay informed of your loved ones' state of health and communicate with them anytime and anywhere.

Partners and resellers

Join us in this exciting new era of telecare. We are looking for collaborators worldwide.

features-ico_monitoring Health monitoring

Monitor the health of your elderly relatives and patients remotely. Select which health parameters you wish to receive information about for each user. Define the limits for each measurement and receive alerts for out-of-range values. Health data will be communicated using a tablet.

features-ico_medication_remindMedication and control reminders

Manage users’ medication taking and their agenda. Include all the medications they take, when, what time, attach photos and even ask for confirmation when needed. Receive optional alerts when medication is not taken. Notifications will help users manage their medication more easily.



Share images, videos, exercises, games, etc. with your users. Define and use memory or calculation games and receive helpful information from them. Upload videos or share them from youtube, vimeo, etc. so they can do exercises at home. Let relatives and caregivers share images with elder users too.

features-ico_videocall Videocall

Monitorización de crónicos a través de tablet, móvil, etc. Selecciona qué parametros de salud quieres recibir para cada uno de tus usuarios. Define los límites para las mediciones y recibe alertas cuando estas mediciones se salgan fuera del rango definido. Permite reducir ingresos hospitalarios.

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As a business that supports care professionals to leverage the benefits of developments in assisted living technology for their clients, tablet based solutions are a vital part of our future care delivery ecosystem. Kwido adds a another dimension to the way care can be organised and delivered. It empowers the care recipient, family and professional care giver.
Kamal Thangarajah, Practicelite
As professional who are experts in caregiving, Kwido gives us a new and innovative way to interact among carers and end users. It’s a very easy-to-use tool for them to give us a lot of health and medication information and, above all, it’s very stimulating for them to contact us and their relatives by a simple tablet. We give a better and cheaper care and they enjoy it.
José Luis Buenache, Siena Coop.